Membership Drive

It’s hard for most people to pay attention to the news from all the corners of Pennsylvania, so we’ll summarize a headline happening far too often within the commonwealth- EMS AGENCY CLOSING or AMBULANCE STATION SHUTTING ITS DOORS. Even right here in Cumberland County, we’ve seen peers close, merge, or be unable to provide 24/7 coverage to their residents. THAT’S NOT US, BECAUSE OF YOU!

Because of your generous participation in our fund drive, you’ve helped us be a leader in prehospital care not only in S. Central PA, but throughout the whole world. This year, we hosted researchers from Denmark studying training initiatives to improve sudden cardiac arrest care, helped plan and roll out trainings and advocacy for the Cumberland County 4-Minute-City initiative, and continued to take delivery of new, modern, extra-safe ambulances for our crews. All of this has taken place during extremely high call volume, to which our responders have risen to the challenge to answer the call.

This drive represents our major fundraiser for the year. While we receive some municipal contributions yearly, they are not nearly enough to fund the ever-increasing costs to provide emergency medical services to our community. Community support, engagement, and resilience are the reasons we’re still a local, nonprofit service while so many others have been acquired or closed. We’re asking that you help keep us here by participating in this year’s fund drive. And of course- members still receive a 50% discount off medically necessary ambulance services for a rate that hasn’t changed in over 7 years.

Our most immediate challenge in 2023 will be the recruitment of new EMTs to the profession. Our partnership in last year’s EMT academy with the high school continues to grow, and we plan on introducing an evening/summer EMT academy to find the next generation of responders who may not be able to take a course during the day or school year. Your memberships help fund these trainings and more. All contributions are kept local, we’re not owned by any large corporate parent or hospital, and we have no other branches or locations- helping us helps the Carlisle community directly.

We want to continue to be there for you, and you can help make sure that is the case by donating to our fund drive today. We also want to encourage anyone with questions to reach out to our office. Thank you to all those who have given to our efforts so far. We can’t spell “Ambulance” without “U”!