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Staging Ambulances
Your membership helps to fund our operations

At Cumberland Goodwill EMS, we pride ourselves on being different from other area ambulances. We are the only EMS agency in Cumberland County (and only one of 7 in Pennsylvania) to have earned national accreditation through the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services. This means our care standards, policies, human resources, outreach, finances, and more were evaluated by other high-performing EMS agencies and found to meet a gold standard. We believe we owe it to our community to be the best we can be.

When called upon, we respond to an emergency with no guarantee of reimbursement for our efforts. Unfortunately due to antiquated laws at both the state and national level, our average reimbursement typically falls short of the cost to provide care to our community. Patients without memberships may get a bill that could be over $1,700 if their high-deductible insurance plan or Medicare only covers a tiny portion of their trip. We don’t think this is a great situation, which is why we run this membership drive in the first place.

Without memberships we’d be unable to provide the nationally-accredited services we do. It’s our promise to you that if you help us fill these gaps, we’ll make sure that no matter what Medicare or an insurer pays us, we’ll consider your entire bill paid. Your donations enable us to staff our ambulances 24 hours a day 365 days a year with dedicated Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Your contribution allows us to ensure these men and women have the best equipment and training available to save lives in the community. It takes more than we bring in through memberships to equip and train a first responder, but your contribution helps to alleviate these costs.

You can read a 2013 article from The Sentinel on memberships here.

While your contribution immensely helps to fund our operation, we are unable to provide our high quality level of service based solely on donations. Therefore, we participate in third party billing, this means we will bill any insurance agency such as Medicare or Medicaid for services. However, we will accept any payment from them as payment in full and our members are not responsible for the remainder of the bill.

Memberships are the best way to protect yourself from bill shock, not only in the Carlisle area but throughout Cumberland County and its bordering municipalities. Cumberland Goodwill was a founding partner in a regional membership cooperative agreement to help ensure other agencies recognize our members when they are out and about. The cooperative members are:

Cumberland Goodwill EMS
Camp Hill EMS
Dillsburg EMS
East Pennsboro Township EMS
Fairview Township EMS
Hampden Township EMS
Holy Spirit EMS
Lower Allen Township EMS
Silver Spring Township EMS

In addition, Cumberland Goodwill has a reciprocal membership agreement with Yellow Breeches EMS and Newville EMS, ensuring that if you are transported by one of these agencies your membership benefits are still valid.

Memberships cover medically necessary ambulance transports and do not generally cover trips done in an invalid coach or wheelchair van. Members must agree to submit in full all payment that they may receive from an insurance check mailed directly to their house, failure to do so may void membership benefits. While many insurers pay directly to the EMS agency, some continue to opt to place additional hassles on their customers by adding this extra step. Please contact your insurer if you have any questions on their definitions of medical necessity, payment processes, and to request direct payment of your bill to Cumberland Goodwill EMS. Due to federal regulations, this membership is not applicable to Medical Assistance patients or patients who are without health insurance. Alternative payment arrangements for these patients requiring assistance may be made after an ambulance trip by contacting our office.

Memberships come in two different varieties. Individual memberships cover one single person, while family memberships cover all residents of a single household. A map of our approximate service territory is below, please check with our office if you have any questions about coverage or memberships in general. Memberships can be purchased at anytime by using our store below, on by contacting our station during business hours at 717-249-0012.

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