Street To Medic Program

Want to be a part of a revolutionary, paid, full-time experience helping your community? Consider joining our team under our new “Street to Medic” program. To help end the paramedic shortage in Pennsylvania and with the generous support of organizations like the Partnership for Better Health, we’re able to offer paid training, full-time hours, and immediate benefits to new hires who come to us from outside our traditional hiring pathways.

Initial Pay and Benefits

While serving your community is a great reward, it’s also important to earn a living wage in the process. Our new Street to Medic program starts those without any certification at $14/hour full-time and with benefits that include 100% paid family health insurance premiums, a 401k with an employer match, paid time off, uniforms and a uniform allowance, and more. After successful completion of our EMS academy with their EMT certification (in as little as 3 months) that pay is boosted to $15/hour to match our new EMT rate.


The Street to Medic Program is designed not only to attract new EMTs, but to help them further their careers in EMS by fully-funding paramedic education for interested employees. One of our full-time benefits includes a scholarship opportunity for paramedic school. In as little as 3 years from their date of hire, an employee can have their paramedic certification, a pay-boost of at least $20/hour, and a pathway to further careers in healthcare- all fully funded, without student loan debt, with benefits, and at an EMS agency that is one of just 5 in Pennsylvania to be nationally accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services.


Spots are extremely limited, candidates are encouraged to apply to theĀ Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) job post via our online application service. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All applicants must pass background screenings, including background, child abuse, motor vehicle record, and physical lifting/moving checks and remain compliant with company immunization policies throughout the duration of employment. Candidates who are unable to be certified by the PA DOH or due to HHS/Medicare regulations will not be accepted or may be dismissed from the program. For additional information, contact our office.

For those who already have certifications, visit our job portal to apply for a position matching your current cert level. Pay rates in this advertisement are minimums for newly certified providers- pay increases with experience. All full-time positions are offered the same great benefits and scholarship opportunities.