Community Health

Community Health Logo.001Cumberland Goodwill Emergency Medical Services is most often associated with the ambulances responding to emergencies around the Carlisle area. What you may not know about is our Community Health program. Similar to how firefighters promote smoke alarms to prevent fires, Cumberland Goodwill has designed several programs to help reduce preventable trips to the hospital.

During an in-home checkup, trained professional Community Health Providers (CHP) from Cumberland Goodwill assist you or your loved one with scheduling follow-up care, performing in-home safety checks, promoting understanding of both discharge and medication instructions, and ensuring that you transition safely from hospital to home. We serve as a bridge to further care, generally visiting only once or twice after your hospitalization to connect you with the help you need.

We care about the health of our community and hope that, by following up with discharged patients now, we can reduce the number of 9-1-1 calls we have to respond to later. Every patient is unique, but typically a visit from a Community Health Provider (CHP) includes variations of the following.

  • The CHP will review your medical history and obtain a basic medical assessment
  • Our provider will then perform a home safety and hazard assessment
  • The provider will review medications and discharge instructions, answering any questions you may have.
  • This trained CHP will provide education and other health information related to your condition, ensuring you know things like warning signs, nutritional information, or other risk factors that could trigger readmission.
  • Finally, our provider will ensure that you have follow up appointments scheduled, with transportation arranged if necessary. They’ll also link you to any social or other resources you may need to help promote your overall health.

Cumberland Goodwill is not a permanent home-health agency. Visits are typically done only once or twice post-emergency encounter. We may help you contact other area home-health agencies, specialists, or services to provide the ongoing care you need. With your permission, we’ll share our information with them to ensure you’re in good hands. Healthcare is a team effort, and we’re only one link in the chain.

We’re also working on new partnerships and avenues to promote the health of our community. You may have noticed health promotion activities in the media, at public events, businesses, and other gatherings. We’re also in the community providing training on first aid, CPR, and AED use. We sell certain first aid products to groups around the Carlisle Area, including AEDs and AED supplies and provide non-emergency transportation to and from various appointments. We also provide car safety seat inspections by appointment. Contact our office for more information on any of these services!