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Ever wonder what it’s like to be an EMT or Paramedic at Cumberland Goodwill EMS? We’re a community-based organization that’s also one of just 6 nationally accredited services in Pennsylvania, equipped with patient care and clinical decision making tools designed to make a difference when caring for our neighbors.

Our station is staffed 24/7, 365 responding to over 10,500 calls for service each year. We are a 911 emergency response service, and over 2/3rds of all the calls for service are emergency in nature. Being close to UPMC Carlisle, our remaining volume consists of discharges and inter-facillity transports out of that hospital. All calls are handled from our one station in Carlisle; we do not post units and have no substations. Finally, we believe in the philosophy of “One-band, one sound,” meaning our integrated emergency response team uses the talents of both EMTs and Paramedics on board Mobile Intensive Care Units in service of the community. 

Emergency response crews typically work a 12-hour shift on a fixed Pitman-style schedule, allowing crew members to know when they have off well in advance. A limited number of 24-hour positions are also available (24/48 with a Kelly day). We also hire a limited number of “floating” positions to help fill vacancies. These positions only get their schedule a month in advanced. While we do not pay shift differentials for night or day shifts, our float staff do receive higher pay for having less notice of their shift schedule than other staff members.

LUCAS? LP-15? Video Largynoscopy? Modern Protocols? We got it!

For all full-time employees at Cumberland Goodwill, we pay 100% of your health insurance premiums (including for your family) day one of employment, you’ll earn 6.25 hours of paid time off per pay to start (which increases after your first year), you’ll get a 5% employer match to your 401k contributions, and have opportunities for educational scholarships, student loan forgiveness, and more!

Full-time applicants for employment are also eligible for sign-on bonuses or we’ll take-over/buy-out contract obligations from other agencies if possible. Our usual incentive equals about 3 months worth of housing payments in Carlisle, and we’re happy to work with our local partners to help your relocate to the area if considering a change of scenery.

Not looking for full-time employment? We also have part-time positions available from time-to-time. Please understand, however, that part-time employees must be able to provide a minimum commitment of shifts each month that will be discussed with senior management if you are interviewed for a position. Otherwise, we encourage those who might struggle meeting these requirements to join us as a volunteer.

Cumberland Goodwill EMS has partnered with BambooHR to recruit the most talented providers to our nationally accredited service. To join our company, start by filling out the forms here.

To participate in a temporary ride-along as an observer with Cumberland Goodwill, download this form and follow the instructions to submit it to our office.