Emergency Services

When you need help, Cumberland Goodwill is there. Providing the highest level of emergency care, our EMTs and Paramedics are available to respond to any manner of emergency, no matter what time or day it may be. With a fleet of 9 ambulances and many more support vehicles stationed right here in Carlisle, we’re able to deploy the right resources to handle any emergency situation. Cumberland Goodwill is recognized by the PA EMS for Children Program at the “Master” level.

Our paramedics are equipped with high-tech devices like the Lifepak 15 heart monitor, capable of analyzing and transmitting EKG rhythms to any destination. Each medic also has a portable ventilator on-board for critical patients. Our service uses the LUCAS Chest Compression System and has video intubation devices on each set of ALS gear as our primary method of securing and airway. All staff are equipped with iPads and iPhones to ensure they have access to the latest patient care technologies and resources. Many of our staff are also teachers of the same emergency skills we practice. Our agency is the only one in Cumberland County to pass the rigorous accreditation requirements of the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services, meaning you receive care from an agency with a true commitment to constant improvement.

Ambulance 740 in the spring

Our professional, courteous, experienced, and skilled employees work 12-hour shifts on a rotating schedule 24/7, 365 days a year. Able crews are always on station ready to provide a high standard of care that is hard to match. We also supply the area with specialty services. Specialty units provide first responder rehab, mass casualty care, first aid services, and all-terrain vehicles to respond to a whatever our community needs.

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