Community Health

Community Health Logo.001Cumberland Goodwill Emergency Medical Services is most often associated with the ambulances responding to emergencies around the Carlisle area. What you may not know about is our Community Health program. Similar to how firefighters promote smoke alarms to prevent fires, Cumberland Goodwill has designed several programs to help reduce preventable trips to the hospital.

We care about the health of our community and hope that, by following up with discharged or frequently calling patients now, we can reduce the number of 9-1-1 calls we have to respond to later. Every patient is unique, but a visit from a community health provider at Cumberland Goodwill can solve many issues before they become problems.

We’re also working on new partnerships and avenues to promote the health of our community. You may have noticed health promotion activities in the media, at public events, businesses, and other gatherings. We’re also in the community providing training on first aid, CPR, and AED use. We sell certain first aid products to groups around the Carlisle Area, including AEDs and AED supplies and provide non-emergency transportation to and from area hospitals and residential facilities. We also provide car safety seat inspections by appointment. Contact our office for more information on any of these services!