Press Release on Naloxone Use in Middlesex Township 11/6/15

A recent call on 11/6/15 saw one of the first pre-EMS administrations of Naloxone in the Cumberland Goodwill zone.
A recent call on 11/6/15 saw one of the first pre-EMS administrations of Naloxone in the Cumberland Goodwill zone.


Team Effort Helps Critical Patient

Carlisle, PA- 11/10/15 – Friday marked one of the first times that Cumberland Goodwill EMS responded to a critical patient who received Naloxone from the police. On 11/6/2015 at approximately 10:30pm, 911 was contacted for a patient at the Motel 6 in Middlesex Township, thought to be in cardiac arrest. Dispatchers with the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety recognized the immediacy of the emergency and gave lifesaving instructions to care for a patient who was not breathing. Police and the Fire Chief from Middlesex Township arrived on scene quickly and administered 2mg of the overdose-drug Naloxone intranasally to the patient. The North Middleton Township Fire Department responded and assisted the police with rescue breathing until Cumberland Goodwill EMS arrived and administered a second dose of 2mg Naloxone, after which the patient improved, regained consciousness, and was transported to the hospital. All actions by this entire team of public safety professionals were critical to a positive outcome for the patient.

As stated before, this is one of the first encounters Cumberland Goodwill has had with police administration of Naloxone prior to EMS arrival. This skill was performed excellently by the Middlesex Township Police Department. The officer quickly recognized the immediate need for intervention and administered the proper dose of this medication. Additionally, Cumberland Goodwill wants to thank the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety and North Middleton Fire Department and Middlesex’s Fire Chief for their assistance with the emergency. Early administration of rescue breathing and Naloxone, in conjunction with the team effort that starts once a 911 call is received, is vital as first responders confront the heroin epidemic.

Year-to-date throughout the Cumberland Goodwill zone, Naloxone has been administered 105 times, 55 times to a patient either admitting to drug use or with paraphernalia found at the scene. 52 times this year, administration of Naloxone has shown to improve a patient’s condition. Cumberland Goodwill is hopeful that, when dispatched to additional overdose calls like those on Friday, there will be an increase in community action by police, fire, and the general public to administer rescue breathing and Naloxone to these patients. The company also advocates for improved rehabilitation services and coverage for those addicted to narcotics.

Cumberland Goodwill hopes that the patient encountered on Friday continues to get the help that they need and offers CPR and Naloxone administration training to community in order to ensure everyone is prepared to help combat this epidemic.

About Cumberland Goodwill EMS

Cumberland Goodwill EMS is a private, nonprofit, basic and advanced life support agency serving 118 square miles of the Greater Carlisle Pennsylvania Area. With 10 ambulances, 44 personnel, and one station, Cumberland Goodwill EMS responds to over 10,500 requests for service each year. Cumberland Goodwill also provides routine medical transportation, first responder rehabilitation services, bariatric transit services, education, first aid and AED supplies, and launched a community paramedic service in collaboration with Carlisle Regional Medical Center in 2014. Cumberland Goodwill is one of seven EMS agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be nationally accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services.

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