Press Release- Cumberland Goodwill Achieves National Accreditation

Cumberland Goodwill is one of just about 160 EMS agencies nationwide to earn national accreditation through CAAS.
Cumberland Goodwill recently completed a multi-year project to achieve national accreditation through the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS). The commission performed both a remote and onsite inspection of the agency’s policies, personnel, community and external relations, medical records, billing procedures, and communication processes, conferring the accredited status on Cumberland Goodwill at their February board meeting. Cumberland Goodwill becomes the seventh PA agency and one of nearly one hundred sixty agencies nationwide to meet this “gold standard” of modern emergency medical care. This voluntary process ensures that the residents of the greater Carlisle area are receiving high-quality emergency care and that processes are in place for continuous improvement.

Throughout the process leading up to accreditation, rates for ambulance services stayed unchanged for over two years with no immediate rate changes planned. Even with service rates fixed, Cumberland Goodwill was able to hire additional staff, purchase ambulances, add new mobile technologies, start new services, pay off debt, renovate facilities, and boost employee pay. The agency credits the accreditation process for increased efficiency and effectiveness. Cumberland Goodwill is hopeful that accreditation status helps to retain current high quality providers, as well as attract and shape the next generation of first responders willing to work at a high-achievement agency.

As part of the inspection process, the commission examined records and processes at Cornerstone Adminisystems of New Cumberland, Cumberland Goodwill’s billing partner. Similarly, facilities and processes at the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety’s dispatching center, which handles all 9-1-1 emergency calls for Cumberland Goodwill EMS, were also inspected. Both Cornerstone and the County Department of Public Safety helped Cumberland Goodwill achieve accreditation status, and the agency is grateful for their assistance.

Cumberland Goodwill views accreditation as a process, not a single project that is only achieved once. The agency is committed to ensuring that all high standards continue to be met and will undergo triennial reviews by the commission to keep their accredited status. Cumberland Goodwill EMS a joins Lancaster EMS as the only other nationally accredited agency located in South Central Pennsylvania.

About Cumberland Goodwill EMS

Cumberland Goodwill EMS is a private, nonprofit, basic and advanced life support agency serving 118 square miles of the Greater Carlisle Pennsylvania Area. With 10 ambulances, 44 personnel, and one station, Cumberland Goodwill EMS responds to over 10,500 requests for service each year. Cumberland Goodwill also provides routine medical transportation, first responder rehabilitation services, bariatric transit services, education, first aid and AED supplies, and launched a community paramedic service in collaboration with Carlisle Regional Medical Center in 2014. Cumberland Goodwill is one of seven EMS agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be nationally accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services.

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