Feb 242015

Cumberland Goodwill wants your feedback!

Cumberland Goodwill wants your feedback!

Hundreds of patients each month receive a survey in the mail from Cumberland Goodwill EMS asking them how we’re doing on a call, but what about those countless others who interact with our agency elsewhere? In an effort to make sure we’re collecting feedback from every possible source, we’ve introduced an online form that can be filled out for any other interaction you may have with our company. This includes feedback on both free and paid classes, public and private events, and even if you just see us out and about the town. We’ve enabled the feedback to be anonymous (unless you don’t want it to be!) Please help us continue to improve our services and make use of our feedback form whenever you encounter one of our units or members- we look forward to hearing from your soon. You can find the link to our survey from our “Quick Actions” sidebar box, or by clicking this link directly

2014 Response Summary

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Feb 022015

2014 was one of our colder winters, here is one of our ambulances responding in downtown Carlisle during a snowstorm on February 13th

2014 was one of our colder winters, here is one of our ambulances responding in downtown Carlisle during a snowstorm on February 13th

2014 was the busiest year on record for Cumberland Goodwill EMS- breaking over the ten-thousand threshold for the first time and finishing at 10,570 responses. Increases in volume were seen over a broad swath of calls- for ALS MICU, ALS Non-Emergency Transports, BLS Emergencies, BLS Transports, Fire Calls, and Non-Emergency Transport responses.
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Dec 102014
Ambulance Memberships can be purchased directly from our website or from our office.

Ambulance Memberships can be purchased directly from our website or from our office.

Cumberland Goodwill was notified by a phone caller today advising she received a call from an individual claiming to represent Cumberland Goodwill, advising that her membership purchase was for too little amount and that more money needed to be provided. No authorized individual with Cumberland Goodwill made such a call, and as such we are advising the public to be vigilant should someone again try to fraudulently represent our agency. The individual notifying our office of this call advised that they were unable to see caller ID of the subject, and at this time we do not have additional information to pursue further action.

Ambulance memberships can be purchased directly online through our store here. They are moneysaving subscriptions that help to fund our own operations and can help patients save on their emergency ambulance bills. In the event that a transaction error took place, Cumberland Goodwill has in the past contacted individuals by phone. Due to this recent suspicious activity we will be revising our policies to include providing a mailed letter explaining any discrepancy along with a copy of the patient’s original signed membership form or Paypal receipt for verification and requiring them to contact our office directly at 717-249-0012 as the only recourse to solve the issue.

We are advising the public that if they receive a call from someone claiming to be Cumberland Goodwill EMS requesting more money to purchase an ambulance membership to please contact our office so we can pursue the matter further. Again, we can be reached at 717-249-0012 Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm. Please note that you may receive phone calls on non-membership bills from our designated billing agent, Cornerstone Adminisystems, who have their own fraud protection policies. Questions on bills for a trip in an ambulance can be answered by Cornerstone by calling 877-214-6018.

Media inquiries on the matter should be directed to Nathan Harig, Assistant Chief of Administration, at 717-249-0012 ext 7011.

Dec 012014
These providers were recognized for a "save" thanks in part to the Carlisle's Got Heart program.

These providers were recognized for a “save” thanks in part to the Carlisle’s Got Heart program.

Have you heard about Giving Tuesday? This new national movement on the Tuesday following Black Friday is meant to help support area nonprofits that aim to make their communities a better place. We’d love for you to consider supporting Cumberland Goodwill, and we have an online donation page set up so you can make a quick and easy donation. 100% of your donation stays in our local community for programs supporting public health, safety, and wellness. Use this link to donate now!

We’ve had a busy 2014, we’re on pace to have over 10,000 requests for service, launched new programs like our Community Paramedic and First Aid Friday features, and continued proven programs like Carlisle’s Got Heart and our first responder rehab service. These programs presently rely on donations and support from the larger community. Please help us help others and support us on Giving Tuesday.

Nov 132014
You can buy an ambulance membership online now

You can buy an ambulance membership online now

Our 2015 Ambulance Membership drive is now underway, and you can purchase a membership online right now at our revamped online store! Click the “Buy a Membership” button and select which membership you’d like to purchase.

A reminder- ambulance memberships are not replacements for insurance. They benefit subscribers who would normally be required to pay a copay, coinsurance, or refusal cost. Your membership subscription enables us to make up-front investments towards the health and wellness of the Carlisle community. Last year, our service added an ambulance, upgraded mobile technologies to enable better communications in the field, added new CPR feedback devices to help improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival, and we’re on track to run our 10,000 call by the end of the year. We couldn’t be ready to respond without the support we receive from memberships, so join us today!